T5193-996A-Ferrari-Hot-Wheels-MattelThe Ferrari Diecast Model Fan Site is dedicated to Ferrari diecast model collectors and enthusiasts and to those who are passionate about this iconic Italian automaker.

Collecting Ferrari diecast model cars is a great way for Ferrari enthusiasts to collect and own diecast replicas of their favorite Ferraris. Collecting model cars can be an exciting hobby for everyone, no matter their age. The next best thing to parking a 458 Italia in your garage, is parking it next to a Testarossa and an F430 on the shelves of your diecast collections.

People collect diecast model cars for many different reasons. People tend to collect them as an investment opportunity or as a hobby. Those who collect them as a hobby will likely collect diecast models in a certain field (ie. auto, construction, farming equipment). Those who are passionate about a specific car company (i.e. Ferrari | Lamborghini | Chevrolet | Dodge | Ford) will attempt to collect different model cars for that specific brand. Those who like a certain diecast manufacturer (i.e. Maisto | Burago | Jada Toys | Hot Wheels | Polistil) will try to collect as many diecast cars from that company as they can.

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